“The unity of two opposite worlds”

A magical and immersive audiovisual show that brings water and fire together. A celebration of the cycles of renewal and rebirth. Upward cannot exist unless there is a downward. Water can't exist unless there is the opposite fire.

A symbolic reminder that we can experience ourselves in a new way.

Two opposite worlds

An enchanting light show

Videomapping is a technique where the show is being projected onto a building. It changes into a living immersive scene who gives the spectator a unique experience.
Everything is also complemented with colorful light and music. An immersive audiovisual show with its own unique story, told without a single spoken word. Let Zazzu take you into its special world. Because it's different. Because it's beauty you haven't seen before...

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Show credits

Concept, lighting, art & animation: Lawrence Demortier

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