Putteke Winter

Fairy-tale decors and performances in Provincial Recreation Domain De Schorre.

Winged City of Ypres

Internationaal streettheatre festival in Ypres, with support of CC Het Perron.

Opening De Krook Ghent

Opening of the new library of Ghent. An inspirational place for knowledge, culture and innovation.

Wintering Dendermonde

Light and firefestival in Dendermonde, in and around the CC Belgica cultural center.

Behekst Diksmuide

A magic festival in various dark and mysterious locations.

De Groote Stooringe Roeselare

International circus and streettheatre festival with support of CC De Spil, Roeselare city and the EU Culture Program.

De Tuin der Lusten Roeselare

Social artistic event, with support of CC De Spil.

KERK Ghent

Cultural meeting place in Ghent with numerous workshops, exhibitions, lectures, parties and events.

Summer Festival

Streetttheatre festival in Lauwe on the Belgian national holiday

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