“A magical and inspiring show about our different colorful feelings”

A magical show about the different feelings we have as humans. Ultimately they are a blessing, even though it really doesn't seem it at that time.

Joy, anger, sadness and awareness come as unexpected visitors, we can see ourselves reflected in all of them. It's our very own guest house, with every morning a new arrival.

Welcome them, learn trough them and entertain them!


The sculpture

Aruna is a traveling audiovisual art installation, a giant inflatable sculpture with an altitude of 6 metres.

The video mapping installation projects the show onto the sculpture, who ultimately gives the spectator an immersive unique experience.
It took 2 years to bring Aruna to life. Video animation, lighting, music composition and crafting the big sculpture; no details were spared in the creation.

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Show credits

Concept, lighting, art & animation: Lawrence Demortier
Inspired by the poem "The Guesthouse" (Rumi)

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