“Transforming spaces into beauty”

Zazzu creates immersive audiovisual installations with its own unique story, told without a single spoken word.
By creating a fairy world and a strong drive to bring people together, Zazzu tries stimulating the audience to look into their own inner selves. Life is about mystery, mysery, adventure and beauty. The big goal of Zazzu is pursuing emotions that show connection.

Always looking to push artistic and technical boundaries, from intimate private gatherings to larger public festivals, indoor and outdoor.
Let Zazzu take you into its special world. Because it's different. Because it's beauty you haven't seen before...

Lawrence Demortier

With a background in graphic design, interactive media and a great passion for theater, Lawrence is captain of the Zazzu ship.

Sensitive emotional themes inspire me the most. Emotions are after all universal, no matter what culture or origin. I believe it brings people together. It creates a sense of connection and I see it really touches people.

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